Many technology companies are coming up on board since Technology is taking over in the world.


Let me introduce you this to Neuwelt Uganda which is media and technology company, its roughly two years old in the market.

It mainly deals in website development, mobile application development, photography, video covearge and editing, social media management, graphic and media design, linux server admin and so many more….. to make it more better and easy for its clients, we offer other services like consultancy,hosting and domain names, internship programs that have helped the youth and other people to gain more in pratical work rather than theory.


We welcome all the clients that trust us and provide us with projects to work on like managing their social media, design websites for them.

We ready to do the best for you.




Thinking about an Internship that will well suit your interests whether locally or internationally.banner---neuwelt


Here are some reasons as to why you should intern with NEUWELT UGANDA.

  1. Take the first step along your potential career path. An internship in your industry of choice is the best preparation for your first job and as well the best way to explore if its the career you want.
  2. Get out of the comfort zone. Neuwelt Uganda intern program is designed to help you grow, both professionally and personally.

Want to intern with Neuwelt Uganda?

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The 280 characters yet to be established makes it like Facebook…….

On the recent news coming out from the Twitter about them testing the 280 characters that they are planning to launch soon, doesn’t look like a great idea because it will it look like Facebook.

i really liked it seeing people playing around with the 140 characters making it more interesting because it opens up their minds and limit them from writing too much.

Come on twitter, don’t do this, lets remain at our 140 characters for critical thinking on what we post.

we not making our accounts like Facebook where people are free to write whatever they feel at heart.

Age limit a do or die, yet…….

We facing a big problem of women being killed in the country in Entebbe but this so called Age limit debate taking peoples attention instead of coming together to first fight the killers through working hand in hand with the police…

#togikwatako is the new slogan used by many Ugandans now…..

hear them scream ” togikwatako…..ani agikwatako” meaning “don’t touch, who is touching it”

lets relax on this age limit so called motion that MPs what to carry out ……

this will help us come together as citizens so as to fight crimes that are increasing in the country, thus reducing on the deaths taking place currently.

Lets Keep Uganda better!!!!!

Africell triple bundles making it easier for Ugandans…….

Movies, series, live streaming, snap-chat, live feeds is now the order of the day…..

people are no longer missing out on these,  triple mbs from #Africell have gone a mile to make Ugandans throw away their other networks like Airtel, MTN , UTL so that they can enjoy the free internet from Africell.

triple data

this promotion is seeing this network gain more customers out playing others….to my say…this network is for those who realise what the internet means in this world leaving those sleeping still fighting for less mbs from other networks which are almost expensive….

the packages include….

200mbs to 600mbs, 300mbs to 900mbs, 500mbs to 1.5GB, 1GB to 3GB valid for a full day .


its you right to purchase an africell line from their shops so that you can now connect with us in the life of Internet……#don’tbecheated #tripledata

by Ronald Badaaki


Champions league results so interesting for English clubs.

At this beginning of the champions league of this season, many English clubs registered results with wins from Chelsea , Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham  as Liverpool was held to draw by Sevilla.

We went ahead to see top strikers from the EPL going again to the goal from Lukaku, Kane, Pedro and many more.

Chelsea registered the highest after beating Qarabag FK 6-0 as Manchester City went ahead to beat Feyenoord 4-0.

All the Champions League results for this week;

Tuesday ; Benfica 1-2 CSKA Moscow, Manchester United 3-0 Basel, Bayern Munich 3-0 Anderlecht, Celtic 3-0 PSG, Chelsea 6-0 Qarabag FK, Roma 0-0 A.Madrid, Barcelona 3-0 Juventus, Olympiacos 2-3 Sporting CP

Wednesday; Liverpool 2-2 Sevilla, Maribor 1-1 Spartak Moscow, Feyenoord 0-4 Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 Napoli, FC Porto 1-3 Besiktas, R.Leipzig 1-1 Monaco, R.Madrid 3-0 APOEL, Tottenham 3-1 B.Dortmund

The Champions League will be back on 26th September 2017.

Ronaldo return eases Real striker shortage

Ronaldo’s absence has been felt even more acutely due to Madrid’s surprising shortage of striking options.

Zidane said “Every time he is with us, I as a coach and the rest of the players are happy.”

“He doesn’t just bring goals but also he is an important player in the squad, he is a leader. He always wants to win and he transmits that to the rest.”

CR7Cristiano Ronaldo after winning the champions league.

Today’s matches:

Real Madrid vs APOEL

Spurs vs Dortmund

Liverpool vs Sevilla